Listed Below Are the Common Equipment Used by Excavation Companies


Excavation, specifically digging holes/trenches and moving large piles of earth, is never an easy job. Specific equipment needs to be used and working with a few hand tools is simply not enough. Listed below are the common equipment used by excavation companies.  



Excavating machines, also called excavators, are the main equipment used by excavation companies. These large and versatile machines are very effective in doing their jobs, such as excavating trenches, holes, and foundations as well as handling and lifting heavy materials, brush-cutting, and mining. Conventional and modern excavators have long arms attached to a rotating cab that make lifting and moving much easier.


Backhoe loader

Backhoe or backhoe loaders move dirt, dig holes/trenches, and do backfill excavations. Compared to an excavator, a backhoe loader can be driven around an excavation site as well as in main roads and suburban areas. It’s not as large as an excavator, so it is easier to move. Backhoes are mostly used in smaller excavation jobs where working spaces are very limited.



Bulldozers are one of the most reliable equipment used in excavation. They are also used in other construction work as well. Also similar to the equipment mentioned above, bulldozers move and push large piles of earth and dirt. If you see a hill and you want it removed, bulldozers can do the job. Bulldozers are also used for fine grading.  



Scrapers are large equipment used mainly to move dirt and dig large areas of land. Despite their size, scrapers move at very fast speeds.  


When hiring an excavation service, expect one, two or all of the equipment mentioned above to be used for excavation activities. So, if you want some much-needed excavating to be accomplished, hire us here at Grover Excavating! We provide services within the Grand Junction, CO area. We have the right equipment and the most qualified personnel to get the job done. Call us, (970) 364-2738!

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